Craig John Davidson – Best You Ever Had

Settle yourself in by the fire for a cosy night in, perhaps with a Cabernet Sauvignon and come Camembert. These are things I have heard of and associate with fanciness, so it was a stroke of luck that they had both in my local Co-op just as they were shutting. Anyway, I’ve got us some Craig John Davidson to listen to as we eat, drink and ultimately fall asleep on the cheap IKEA rug.

These kind of sounds are sure to set the mood, with the Scottish singer-songwriter in hand to help lower your expectations while sounding absolutely delightful. The guitars are super dreamy and the mood is set so cool that you could mull over a tub of ice cream for the best part of an hour before you have a sticky situation on your hand.

Maybe I’m just hungry actually, is it possible that a so can make you want to eat? At least it’s making me want to treat myself, which simply has to be a good sign.


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