th’sheridans – I Don’t Wanna Be Dismembered

Not many of us would disagree with the title of this track from th’sheridans as I doubt being dismembered is high in anyone’s to-do list for today. Never say never, though.

The song itself is brilliantly rough and raw, just one of those things that feels like it is formed in a moment of pure energy with a specific intent and just had to be put to record instantly. There are stark lyrics that call out the obvious in black and white, somewhat literally in one or two of the lines. It’s rising up against some of the more recent resurfacing of great evils within our societies, but it’s also a great song for getting yourself worked up to and really letting loose to have your emotions on display for all to see.

There’s also some funky effects at the tail-end of this that’ll trip you right out, so that’s nice. Definitely something you need to listen to and share as wildly as you can.


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