The Reytons – Landslide

This is indie doing what indie does. There are few bands that capture that same raw energy of that late ‘00s guitar band peak but The Reytons are definitely up theirs with the best of them.

For anyone in their late twenties who has ever learnt at least two or three guitar chords, this is the kind of thing we were all wanting to create and be playing on massive stages right? It has that shining energy to it if a band who are confident in everything they do and feel proud of the absolute bangers they’re dishing out. The Yorkshire lads have captured that dream festival energy in this one and it’s only a matter of days surely until someone loses a bucket hat while losing their mind letting loose to this one.

So it’s time to let go and just ride the landslide. Trust me, this is definitely the safest and most fun landslide you’re ever likely to associate with.


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