EERA – Ladder

Photo: Tobias Humble

I once had to get someone to feed in a ladder through my tiny bedroom window on Bonfire Night so that I could climb up it and escape, only to realise I’d left the room in my slippers and without any essentials. But that’s a story for another time, probably one involving alcohol.

Making far better use of a ladder is EERA who has taken it as inspiration for her latest release, discussing the concept of pushing down ladders. Perhaps it’s a little more metaphorical than that but I had a ladder story to shoehorn in so what’s a boy to do? The dreamy, ethereal vocals sit atop a rumbling rhythm section creating a tense atmosphere as if someone is truly going to be pushed from a ladder any instant. It’s tense stuff, but in all the right toe-tapping ways.

The Berlin-based Norwegian, best known to her family as Anna Lena Bruland, has a real craft for the mystical side of music and there’s a hell of a lot to like about this – even if you don’t have any interesting ladder stories to tell.


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