Wasuremono – Eating Up The Sky

How long do you reckon it would take for us to eat the whole sky? Like, if we made a concerted effort and got say a million people together all chomping away at the air and the clouds in unison could we at least eat enough that we wouldn’t feel embarrassed when the waiter takes it away from us?

Anyway, Wasuremono probably are a bit more focused on making music than such ludicrous propositions as this indie beauty is an absolutely shining beacon of brilliance. William Southward and his associates set a stunning scene with their sounds, with production levels ready for the West End and the kind of climaxes that have helped make Arcade Fire such a success over the years. Those highs and lows work perfectly to present a finished song that has more detail that your average debut novel.

So what time are we meeting for the big sky eat? Time zones? Oh, this might be a bit more complicated that I thought.


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