World’s First Cinema – Perfect Hell

The perfect vision of hell has only once been seen before in audio-visual history. I am, of course, referencing The Simpsons and Homer being forced to eat every doughnut in the world. If that’s not the best kind of torture ever, I’m terrified as to how your mind works.

Back in the real world, World’s First Cinema are begging you to drag them to the gates of hell in this jumping insight into their wicked little world. Fuelled by all kinds of rage and wanting to make their music sound so big it can be seen from space (I can only assume), they’re not shy of big riffs in that Royal Blood sense. There are definite anthemic qualities to the music which all just seems to be about getting this message of their chest so loudly it can even be heard by that nice family down the road.

Not for the faint-hearted, if you’re really soft and that, but something that’s sure to provoke a reaction and drop at least one or two monocles out of eyes if played at the next high society ball.


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