Roxanne De Bastion – Ordinary Love

Photo: Amanda Rose

There’s just something about Roxanne De Bastion’s voice that means I keep coming back for more. It’s almost as if she’s just talking to you and telling you stories, yet her voice has such a delightful melody to it that those words form songs without even meaning to.

Of course, she entirely means to be writing songs here and I’m talking nonsense – but perhaps it is the almost spoken nature with melodic inflections that makes her stand out from the crowd. The music that sits behind her voice provides the perfect accompaniment, with patient builds helping set the scene before things reach a peak – which still feels somewhat relaxed and calm, matching De Bastion’s demeanour. The last few tracks released have been some of her best to date and this latest offering is no exception, suggesting this is her time to shine and really make a name for herself.

Of course, it helps that as a person she has always been approachable and kind – just as you’d want someone making music like this to be. Just an all round good egg.


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