French For Rabbits – Ouija Board

If I ever walked past a door with the words French For Rabbits on, you better believe I’ve running straight in there with no regard for anything else. Of course, if it turned out to be just the band’s dressing room and not a language class for our leporine friends I’d at least be initially disappointed that if missed out on one of my life’s great dreams.

But then hopefully the band would start playing this ode to one of the greatest wonders of the mystical world, and I’d be pretty calm and docile within moments – perhaps keen to nibble on a lettuce leaf in the corner while I listen to the New Zealand band float me away on a soft cloudy bed. Brooke Singer’s voice is so sweet you could bottle it and sell it to kids at a premium for trips to the cinema. The whole band manage to do everything just so delicately it’s a real joy to behold the final sounds and just be able to relax into their music away from the daily stresses of the real world.

Ultimately my sadness about not hearing the words ‘please may I have a carrot’ coming out of a tiny bunny has been subsided by the calming presence of this song, though if you do know of any language schools for animals please do let me know.


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