Abby Huston – Higher

Photo: Ryan Gary

Huston, we have absolutely no problem whatsoever. Other than a slight spelling discrepancy, Abby Huston is ready to blast off into space – taking our ears to a higher place than they’ve ever been before.

As a breathy voice whispers in your ears, you’ll feel a slight lift out of your chair as this ethereal jazzy sound surrounds you and prepares you for your maiden space voyage. Benét is also on vocals for parts of this one and the contrast between their styles works like the ideal co-piloting situation, with either of them more than capable of bringing you back down to Earth safely if the other one fancies a little nap. It’s such a dreamy journey that you’ll find it easiest to close your eyes and just relax anyway.

Hopefully we don’t get into any space dramas with aliens or anything, this trip is a pure pleasure cruise and if those Martians can’t get on board with this chill vibe then it’s going to ruin the day for us all.


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