Ponte Pilas – Tinderbox

Every time I type the name Ponte Pilas I get an autocorrect to Pints, Please which suggests both that I may have a problem and that I really should stop writing these on my phone at 7am.

Anyway, this is exactly the sort of thing that’ll help wake you up even if you’re listening to it halfway through the day. It’s got that lovely bit of fun about it that really endears me to a band, with little stops, references to The Who and more guitars than my school music department could ever have dreamed of. While I’m not entirely sure what a tinderbox is, this lot are absolutely on fire and it seems like a dangerous thing to be around. With all guns blazing they’re ramping things up to a noisy crescendo, following a brief waltzy breakdown that would fit in nicely at some tranquil hotel or casino somewhere.

When indie music is good, it can be absolutely brilliant. This really fits the bill for what I’m looking to listen to and they can expect to have me pestering them for more of this stuff in the near future.


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