Taraka – Psychocastle

Photo: Matthew Hoffman

With a title like the next hot video game that’s going to drop and have all kinds of glitches, this alternative Rocky number from Taraka is all about the guitars hitting hard and that energy breaking you free from your slumber.

There’s a classic Riot Grrl style to the vocals, with them being part spoken, part sung and all about driving that point home. The tender moments before each chorus are a surprise, yet incredibly welcome as the sensitive side helps make those peaks hit just that bit harder. It feels like the insides of a teenage mind, filled with chaos and emotion and always working faster than the speed of light to set all the world’s perceived wrongs right – or at least to have a good moan about all the things that are blatantly unfair in the world.

I wish I had a castle. I’m not sure if cleaning it would take up my entire life, but then if I had a castle I’d probably be able to afford a cleaner. One to think about anyway.


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