In-Sides – Losing Game

Are you a sore loser? Look, we all have to lose things sometimes and while I know it isn’t exactly the most pleasant experience it’s surely an opportunity to learn and encourage ourselves to do better. Take In-Sides for example, do you really think music like this was the first thing that songwriter Stephen Fong ever wrote? No, but it might just be his best yet.

The dreamy shoegaze sounds are enough to wrap your brain up in a hug and stroke it softly so that all your worries drift away. This song moves slower that my hand to my wallet after a fancy dinner, it’s all about that patience and seeing just what happens before committing too wholeheartedly to something that’ll have a sizeable impact. There’s just the right amount of psychedelic influence and trippiness to make you think twice, without having you start wigging out in the sofa.

So just remember, if at first you don’t succeed try listening to indie music all day long and starting a music blog. Then you’ll be a great success, right?


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