Parrot Dream – Automatic System

Do parrots dream of electric crackers? No, but seriously wouldn’t it be great to know if our bird friends can dream and, if so, what kind of dreams they have. Perhaps it’ll be heavily seed-based, which seems likely, or maybe they see themselves with an Elvis hairdo starring as a rebel worth out a cause in some movie.

Anyway, for now I’m just listening to Parrot Dream to see if they can give me any pointers. No luck so far, but they definitely know how to make dreamy music that would soothe even the feistiest of parrot brains. The New York duo really know how to make dream pop that clears your mind, with every touch in this latest release so soft as to not trouble your mind from a state of complete ease. Everything is just so delightfully calm and serene that you’re able to let your mind wander to the important questions in life.

I wonder if parrot nightmares are all about a world cracker shortage, or just that their owner has gone out for the day and maybe will be gone forever. It’s worth thinking about, right?


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