Tacsidermi – Ble Pierre

You are feeling sleepy, very sleepy. Sit yourself down in this comfortable armchair and just let those eyelids close, Tacsidermi are in control now and you’ll be doing exactly what they say. Especially if that means streaming their French influenced new pop song over and over to make them a few pennies a day.

The Welsh pairing give a Gainsbourg vibe with their laid back attitude and hypnotic sounds, making everything feel a little fuzzy around the edges as though it may have been a bad idea to drink a couple of espresso martinis on a Tuesday night. With a combination of far out guitars and vocals so casual you’re expecting a cigarette hanging out the side of Gwenllian Anthony’s mouth, this is pure coolness for coolness’ sake.

Of course, my Welsh is more than a little rusty but the spirit shines through so that even an Englishman can enjoy how these sounds can make the body feel. Pure bliss.


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