STONE – Let’s Dance To The Real Thing

Photo: Charlie Harris

This is great. Do I really need to bother writing any more, or will you just go listen to STONE now? Honestly, listen to the first 15 seconds and you’ll know if this is for you or not. And, if you decide it isn’t, maybe it’s worth listening again just in case.

Wrapped up in a ball of pure, sugary energy this one goes bigger than the Mersey itself as the young Liverpool quartet take flight. They don’t shy away from going in all guns blazing, with a chorus that rocks and lyrics that suggest they’ve been paying more than just a passing attention to the world outside their windows. This has so much potential in it that Chelsea have probably already been scouting them and trying to tap them up with gifts for their parents.

When the music is this good, what’s the point of even reading this stuff? Just get this on and start dancing to this as it really is the real thing.


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