Sunnbrella – Pauline

How’s your Pauline? Hope she’s alright. London-based Sunnbrella (yes, phenomenal name) has written a misty-eyed pop gem for his Pauline so it looks like the rest of us are falling somewhat short of our duties.

With more than a hint of shoegaze stylings, this lo-fi beauty came in part after a viewing of ‘Pauline At The Beach’ – something which I promised myself I would Google but, if you’re reading this, clearly I haven’t and don’t know what it is. What I do know about though is how much I love this intro and the way the song builds in, and how the vocals have just that right kind of slacker quality to let you know just how much David Zbirka cares about his music while still being able to maintain that often sought after air of coolness.

Absolutely worth a listen as you sip your morning coffee and look out the window, hoping to watch the sunrise but realising you’ve woken up a few hours too late for that. Maybe tomorrow?


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