Sigh, looks like I’m going to have to write another glowing review of CHILDCARE again because they’ve pulled something else out of their magic box of tricks. Worst hobbies to have, I guess.

Bassist Emma takes on vocal duties for this latest stripped back ode to one of my three favourite daily meals. With more food references than one of those menus that’s pages long (and you know they simply can’t do ALL of them well), it’s amazing how the band are able to add their signature style to such a simple vocals and acoustic guitar offering. Those backing vocals wouldn’t work anywhere near as well for any other band, while the lead vocal delivery is still just so uniquely CHILDCARE that’s it’s fascinating to hear the band’s core elements reduced to the absolute basics and still have such an enormous hit.

It’s an absolutely beautiful ode, and one that could have you emotional over the simple concept of just sitting down for a meal with someone special. So call that friend you haven’t seen in a while and get something organised, they’ll be delighted to hear from you I’m sure.


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