girlhouse – concussion

Definitely one of my favourite artists of 2021, here’s yet another beauty from girlhouse who makes a certain kind of lo-fi bedroom pop that will always have a place in my heart.

There’s such a brilliant directness to the sound that means you can’t escape the melodies, the meaning or that glowing little feeling that comes over you when you’re listening to something that really captures your attention. Those birds flying around your head? Nah, they won’t actually be concussion but just a result of the dizzy spell you came under the second the dreamy chorus kicked in and made your heart grow three sizes in just an instant. Rather than worrying about the medical marvel at hand, just enjoy this slacking gem for being exactly what you needed to hear as you looked longingly out of the window.

Absolutely brilliant from start to finish, there’s not a bad word to be said about girlhouse but plenty of your time should be devoted to spreading the good word about her music.


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