Chris Greig & The Merchants – Silent Disco

Photo: Blair Burnett Media

I thought the whole point of a silent disco was so you could dance along while the room itself is silent? Why then are Chris Grieg & The Merchants blasting out across my living room rather than in my headphones? Oh, I’m meant to plug them in am I?

This drop of indie pop comes straight out of Glasgow and that twang in Mr Greig’s voice only serves to magnify the appeal of this as a new regular indie floor-filler. You can just see people in buckets hats fighting about who gets to sit on whose shoulders so that they can get the best view of this at the band’s pick of 2022 festivals. It’s that kind of sound that everyone loves a good jump around to in the summer as they belt out slightly wrong versions of the lyrics without a care in the world.

So put those headphones down and shout out loud that you love this as much as I do. Trust me, there’s no way that could possibly be annoying or confusing to your neighbours.


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