Evan Wright – People

People really are a strange and wonderful thing. Some of them can be a right pain to be around, but most of them are absolutely brilliant and they bring all the good things in life. Take Evan Wright for example, with his laid back sounds that are perfect for a lazy day sat in a comfortable chair.

With hints of UMO in his sound, plus a drop of old school country, this is psych-tinged indie at its very best. How can you have even the slightest care in the world when you’ve slipped into something this chilled? Surely your body is turning into a pile of goo as all roughness and sharp edges are stripped away, so that we can all back in a mushy, relaxed glow. While I’m not sure any of that makes the slightest bit of sense, I’m willing to blame any poor writing on the fact that this song has my brain looking longingly out the window and letting out a big sigh while my hands type away without a care for sense or decency.

A really lovely song that’s got all the makings of a regular Sunday evening chill session classic. Please don’t try operating heavy machinery after listening to this.


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