Vigilantes – Better

Surely Vigilantes would be better served out on the streets, lurking in the shadows at night trying to stop crimes and make the UK a safer place? Instead this bunch have decided to hole up in a studio with guitars and stuff instead, making their morals somewhat questionable.

Still, while I can’t make any comment on their crime fighting abilities they’re not half bad at this music park and maybe it’s a better use of their time. Ha, better. While the chorus bemoans a need for self-improvement, there’s not much more they could be doing to win me over with their indie sounds that lean on acoustic guitar and piano as well as the leading electric guitar sounds to create enough moods in under four minutes than even the strongest ITV drama can manage in two hours minus ad breaks. When that final big hit comes it does so like a sucker punch that would do for even the most chiseled, seasoned villain.

So while the late night halting of evil may be on the back burner for the time being, at least we’re getting some quality music to distract us while the dark underbelly of society run ragged on the streets. It’s a fine balance.


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