Jesse D’Kora – Morning Light

While the name of Jesse D’Kora’s latest single scars me as it matches that of the first single released way back when I was in an indie band (sorry Jesse, we’ll get to you presently) it’s such a bright shining example of indie goodness that all my concerns and tainted memories are flushed away by the time the chorus comes around.

There’s nothing in music quite like fun and D’Kora has that same poppy sound as the likes of SPINN that just does something to make my heart leap. Everything here just sounds so happy and it’s such a relief to be able to escape into music that slaps a massive grin on your face, gets your head bobbing from side to side and your feet considering getting up and dancing – with the sole fact it’s very early on a Saturday morning and the downstairs neighbours might not appreciate it.

Absolutely a joy to listen to, you’ll do well to find something as light as this that isn’t promising to be fat free while being promoted by a professional athlete who has probably never consumed it outside of an advert.


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