She Drew The Gun – Behave Myself

Photo: Rob Blackham

Why is it so often that those who should behave themselves fail to do so and yet those who have good intentions often hold back from actually misbehaving even in the name of an honest, just goal? Those kinder souls are the ones that should be allowed to let loose more often, rather than those who are going to cause nothing but damage and agony.

Luckily, Louise Roach has never been one to behave herself too much and her intentions are nothing but the best. As She Drew The Gun she constantly stands up for the underdog, fights the good fight and sticks two fingers up at those who either say there aren’t enough political songs out there or that she should stick to music and stay out of politics. With a back catalogue now that outshines any party manifesto of at least the last decade, Roach never misses with her targeted barbs and somehow manages to make every song a winner on a musical level as well as driving home points for the under-represented and the unfairly maligned.

So while there are plenty of people out there who should be behaving a hell of a lot better, it’s worth us letting the likes of Roach loose to really make a change for the better. Oh captain, my captain.


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