Certain Animals – Younger Than Now

Photo: Susie Q Vintage Photography

Let’s all go back on a trip to the good old days. Those heady times where rickety school buses would be filled children all singing to the same song and everyone getting on in perfect harmony. I believe the year was 2011.

Going back even further than that, you’ll find the inspiration for Certain Animals latest release that’s ripped straight from those ‘60s swinging parties where everything in the world seemed like it could be no better. This is the perfect summer sound for the mini heatwave we’re supposedly having and it just feels like a shot from way in the past. Who cares about modern tropes, about which of today’s pop stars is the most vile? This is just good time music set to liven up your day and bring plenty of joy with it.

Absolutely the sort of thing that’ll start a party if you give it a play down the local bingo, this is a bolt straight out of history but a real joy to listen to.


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