GENN – Catalyst

Photo: Holly Whitaker

Right then everyone, moody faces on. The intro to this latest GENN track lets you know this is the kind of thing you want to push out your brow and get a fine gurn going for. Things are about to get very angsty indeed.

The Brighton-based outfit cite Baxter Dury, Metronomy and LCD Soundsystem among their influences but if you think you’re going to hear anything like them on this track you’re a long way off. This falls far further into the umbrella of their other influence: Captain Beefheart. With the most melodic elements hidden away in the bassline, the band give off a gorgeously raw energy that shows they’re well in control but are sure mad as hell about something or other. Pure carnage ensues with such control in the way that only music can – that bubbling rage always kept in check and held onto tightly behind the microphone.

You won’t need a morning coffee today, stick this one on instead and it’ll really get the blood flowing. Did someone say revolution?


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