MOSES – Alone

Photo: Mona Sosa

It’s hard to be alone. Even those of us who revel in having time to ourselves know that there’s a fine line between being and feeling alone, with one of these much harder to deal with in a regular basis.

You could easily be fooled into thinking MOSES were bringing you an acoustic ballad to wallow in, until they bring the fire and really let those emotions loose upon your ears. That disparity between the calmer verses and the shouting choruses perfectly encapsulates the ups and downs of being left alone and how it can mess with your head and make you feel like things are much worse than they are. But there’s still time for them to run, run, run (I’m not writing them all out) with a final section that’s all about building up energy in a way that you just know is going to send pits wild when this one rocks out across sweaty indie venues.

There’s no running from this, you’ll have to listen to it sometime because if you’ve made it this far you clearly don’t mind spending time taking a chance on something you’ve never heard of before.


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