Liily – Early Bopper

Photo: Athena Merry

What exactly is an Early Bopper? Is it just someone who knows in their formative years that they’re going to be rocking out for eternity? Maybe they were in one of those elastic baby things and started jumping around more every time Metallica came on.

That kind of person would likely be well into Liily who pack the kind of punch that you know you’re not getting up from any time soon so you’d better watch out. Firing home harder than an entire artillery unit, the LA quartet show no signs of letting up and if they ever set their sights on world domination it might be worth us all bowing down to them now as I’ve got no clue in the slightest how anything would be able to stop it.

Bulls in china shops come to mind and you’d best be on the lookout for this bunch before they head your way, destined to cause nothing but trouble. Brilliant.


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