Casper Skulls – Thesis

Perhaps one of the reasons my degree didn’t go quite as well as it could have was my lack of understanding what a thesis was. Still, that music/popular music degree has really helped as I sit here writing an unpaid music blog nearly a decade later while being paid to be on Twitter all day.

Anyway, here’s something lovely from Casper Skulls to get your teeth into. Unlike other skulls you can take a big bite out of this one without risking any damage to your molars. With a thoroughly cinematic sound they take over your surroundings, there’s such a depth to the sound that you’ll be absolutely swimming in it all before you know it. They have a fairly laid back attitude, with those heady guitar sounds making it easy to drift away from reality and into a world where nothing matters but the music. And then at the heart of it all are the vocals of someone you’d be happen to listen to reading a menu filled with food you absolutely can’t stand.

Sometimes everything just sits together so perfectly that you can’t fault a thing and you forget you’re meant to be writing about it. This unlocks the door with both hands tied behind its back, pure genius.


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