Urban Theory – Dirty Faces

Photo: Trust A Fox Photography

You’ve got a bit of… No, the other side. Oh here, let me get a wet wipe and get it for you. I don’t know how your face keeps getting so dirty, but my best guess is you’ve been hanging with Urban Theory again. I’ve told you about this.

They’re just a bunch of indie punks from Bury who are up to no good. Luckily once they’ve got instruments in their hands they seem much less threatening and much more like rock stars or whatever. With vocal similarities to The Slow Readers Club and music that sounds like it’s been ripped from some of Manchester’s finest past exports, there’s plenty to like about this rabble and it’ll be interesting to see just how far they can go. I can just picture now festival crowds covering their faces with mud once this one starts to show their support before rocking out like they’ve had to spend more than a year without a single festival. Can you imagine?

So let loose and don’t be afraid to get a bit rough. Sometimes the best things come to those who don’t play it safe.


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