Thyla – Gum

Photo: Phoebe Fox

I feel like people don’t chew gum as much now as they did maybe ten years ago. Sure, you still see plenty on the street and occasionally find your fingers getting covered in it under a Starbucks table, but I’m not sure if trends in gun have changed.

Luckily, it looks like Big Gum have got Thyla on board to support their latest initiative. While the song may not actually encourage more chewing, it’s absolutely irresistible and delicious just as the finest gum should be. This is very much Thyla doing what they do best and if you’ve already been introduced to the band then this will hit all those notes you’re hoping for as they look to go bigger and better than ever before. If you’ve not experienced the band before, I’d heartily suggest checking out absolutely everything they’ve ever done as there are few indie bands out there who do things quite this well.

And just in case you ever get gum in your hair, there are all kinds of solutions you can find in an old Simpsons episode. Do they work? No, but the consequences may be hilarious.


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