Ventrelles – A Symphony Of Sorts

I always think there should be blogs out there that review symphonies and other classical music. I’d love to read about Schubert’s latest banger or how dreamy Debussy is. Feels like a missed opportunity to be ridiculous.

Anyway, here’s coverage of a symphony – of sorts – in the form of Ventrelles latest slice of indie goodness. Its packed with those kind of jangly guitars they only seem to make in the north, while the whole thing has a right Doves feel about it. There’s a slow, rock and roll swagger about the sound too as if to suggest they don’t need to try hard at all to let the magic flow. That little break sees a drum fill that’s seeped in anticipation for whatever’s coming next and they go for the full all guns blazing approach with a spaced out selection of solos at the tail-end to wrap things up in a neat little package.

Now let me tell you about that Chopin. Oh boy, was he ever a looker…


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