Jaws The Shark – Erase Myself

Why did we all used to ruin our rubbers at school? Whether writing and drawing on it, sticking in a compass during maths to fill it with holes or just rubbing it on the table for no reason, feels like we were a bit too harsh on the great mistake savers.

Jaws The Shark must have a massive one if they’re planning to erase themselves, and they’ve clearly got bug plans if they’ve been able to right such a blindingly good song about it all too. This is pure turning things up to 11 material and if you don’t find yourself getting up out of your chair to rage around to this one then I’m afraid you may not have the music in you. There’s only just over two minutes of this to get into and it’s gone like a flash in the pan. But there’s real staying power here for an artist who pricks up my ears quicker than the words ‘free tiramisu’.

What an absolute belter this is, eh? Time to lose your tiny mind and let loose. I hear it’s always fun to dance as if nobody is watching.


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