Swears – Believe It

Quickly, come with me. You’ll really want to see this. Honestly, it’s one of the most incredible thing you’ve ever seen. Do you trust me? Well, even Swears are telling you that you’d better believe it. So really it’ll be your loss if you don’t come see.

My forms of persuasion may be pretty weak, but when the Middlesbrough quartet are taking up the lead they’ll hit a hell of a lot harder. Their grungy, punked up attitude should be convincing enough that they’ve got something valuable for you. There’s not even a hint of a pulled punch as they fire one out more determinedly than a cartoon supervillain who is so sure that this is going to be the time they finally see to the end of the darling hero. Those guitars are an absolute joy to behold and the intensity of this one will have you sat on the edge of your seat for the next week at least.

Oh, and what I was trying to show you was a duck wearing a hat. But it’s your loss. You should have believed it.


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