Joe & The Shitboys – Pull The Trigger

Coming and going faster than a speeding bullet, the sensational Joe & The Shitboys are like an idea from a forgotten age. They absolutely should not be quite this addictive and yet there’s no way you can focus on anything but their raging attitude every time you hear even a split second of their rambunctious sound.

It’s all over before it began, as you’d expect from a band whose debut album clocked in at ten tracks in just over as many minutes. This kind of thing absolutely shouldn’t work and it’s just a load of utter nonsense. So of course I’m completely in love with it. How do you even begin to analyse something like this? It’s just beautiful chaos that pulls the best of punk and modern social commentary together in just over a minute and becomes the song you’ll be thinking about having heard for most of the day.

I can’t even get my socks on this quickly, so how they’re able to take my heart in such a short time is a real mystery. Truly spectacular.


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