SPINN – Outside Of The Blue

Photo: Barnaby Fairley

I could choose to mock my own colourblindness here, or wrongly assume that this latest SPINN bop is an ode to frontman Jonny Quinn’s beloved Everton FC but really I’m just happy to have even more music from these indie vagabonds to dance around the kitchen to.

Just as jangly as ever and with Quinn’s ever-maturing voice at the heart of the sound, the Merseyside band are managing to develop their signature sound in all the right ways without losing any of the cheeky scampness that shot them so quickly into the indie limelight. They still have a great knack for producing a certain kind of pop sound and perhaps this one edges even further into the lighter side of indie than they’ve ventured before, with the production quality definitely doing then plenty of favours.

Quinn is the kind of frontman you’d be happy to bring home to your parents. Not as a date or anything, but just to let them know you have friends and that some of them are pretty cool. Jonny, what are you up to next weekend lad?


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