Karaboudjan – Same Mistakes

While the excellent Karaboudjan may be writing songs about making the Same Mistakes, it’s the similarity of this to his other recent work that brings yet another of his dreamy songs to my heart.

This pitch perfect approach to blissed out sounds once more shines through in that Tame Impala style that leaves no room for urgency and focuses only on the deliberate nature of every last sound. You’ll be washed over with waves of effects that’ll each trick your ears and throw your head right around the room as you delve into this spacious, complicated world where you’ll only be able to follow the lead of the man throwing this musical brilliance at you. It feels like such an idyllic place and somewhere so easy to get lost into for days on end without the slightest flicker of time passing.

Stunning from first to last and perfect for when you want to disappear for a little while, this is an absolute peach.


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