Fuzzy Sun – Morning Light

Photo: Matthew Eachus (The Manc Photographer)

If you’re seeing a Fuzzy Sun in the sky it might be time to get some new glasses. Either that, or this indie band have just jumped out of a plane somewhere surprisingly close to your window and are causing some real confusion.

The Stockport band are ticking all the right indie boxes with this one, even throwing in what sounds like the odd seventh chord – giving them an edge over some of the more predictable indie wannabes. They’ve got a big hitting chorus on their hands here and just the right level of steaminess thrown in to make sure you’re whisked away by the sound but still want to be up and dancing like there’s no tomorrow.

This one could really fly and there’s an awful lot to like about it. Time to book yourself some tickets, but just be careful you don’t accidentally order a one way ticket into the sun. It’s an easy mistake to make.


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