WOOZE – Mighty Cloud

If a cloud were to show its might, would that not ultimately lead to the cloud itself becoming smaller and less powerful? One for budding meteorologists WOOZE to take a look at once they’re done with all the weird music stuff.

In every incarnation, these guys have been utterly ridiculous and a sheer delight to listen to and their latest single is absolutely no exception. Throwing in the odd yee-haw for good measure, this feels like a spaced out funky shambles that is impossible to resist the enticing, confusing allure of. It’s sheer stupidity in all the right ways and still comes together to provide the perfect dance track for a night of pure pleasure.

So as that mighty cloud rains on down and ultimately disappears into the ether, you may be left feeling somewhat… woozy? I don’t know where I’m going with this either, but my god they’re good.


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