Sad Boys Club – Your Mind (Makes Mine Seem Fine)

Photo: Jordan Logan

Taking psychiatric advice about the state of your brain from a band is probably never the best idea, and yet there’s a hell of a lot to like about what Sad Boys Club are doing so maybe it’s worth a couple of short sessions.

Filled to the brim with impressive sounds that are shaped so nicely it might be worth asking them to help you redecorate, this is one of their best tracks to date and it has those hits in just the right places to help bring you up again and again. The speeding up towards the tracks end is a great little touch, even if it does make you worry that you might be losing your mind a little – it’s well worth going back to the start to see just how much the tempo has changed, and to give yourself a little rest.

Some hard-to-please pals of mine saw them live at the weekend and said they were ‘pretty good’, so that’s nice. High praise indeed.


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