Yumi Zouma – Give It Hell

Photo: Nick Grennon

Need a little refresh? A cleanser for the mind, body and soul? I know you’ve been hitting it a bit harder than usual lately, so maybe it’s time to start up some of that self case stuff I’ve been hearing about. What better way to start yourself off than with this beauty from Yumi Zouma.

The quartet, led by singer Christie Simpson, provide some much needed calm to an increasingly-hectic world. With sounds so delicately constructed they almost resemble an iconic coastline filled with endless views, they absolutely do give it hell with some lighter than air pop music that’ll do far more for your feelings than any pill, powder or smoothie ever could. It’s like when you get a chocolate mousse at the end of a meal and you’re already super full, but this is one of those aerated things and you barely feel it touch the sides as it brings you a world of joy.

Pure bliss, definitely one to come back to when you need an added bit of pep in your step.


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