Big Image – Parallel Love Affair

Imagine trying to start a love affair with someone after they’ve just seen you parallel park. Some people might be able to pull it off, but for the vast majority you’ll immediately be starting one step back after having failed to either fit in the gap first time or avoid that Fiat 500 behind. Maybe leave a note next time?

Anyway, here’s something cracking from Big Image that comes straight outta Birmingham and with a freshness to their new sound having previously made waves under a more ivory-centric moniker. It’s so heavily influenced by the Stone Roses and Primal Scream that you’d easily believe you’ve been taken back a few decades and are just tripping a little as you walk through a sports clothing shop that’s now been replaced by a Sports Direct.

Back to that love affair, has anyone ever really fallen in love while driving? Is it even possible to meet the love of your life from behind the steering wheel? If so, I might start taking lessons.


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