Lady Bird – Factory Fool

Photo: Gobinder Jhitter

Of all the places you could be fooling around, surely a factory isn’t the smartest idea? Maybe Lady Bird are happier to take a few risks than I am though as they’re kicking up all kinds of exciting chaos energy wherever they go with no regards for the warning signs.

One of the UK’s brightest bands when it comes to high energy rocking out, the trio are back at it again with yet another absolute blunder that blows the doors off, the roof in and does a pretty good job of tearing up the floor from underneath your feet. It’s a real bone shaker of a track filled with their signature rage and determination, an absolutely irresistible slice of pointed aggression that does exactly what it says on the tin.

Few do this better, if any, and it’s always nothing but an absolute pleasure to lose my shit listening to these lively lads.


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