Coco – Come Along

Photo: Stella Hartmann

Come along now, or you’ll miss the big show. No I’m serious, if you don’t hurry up then you’re going to miss Coco and we absolutely cannot be having that because they’ve put together such delights for you.

Their softness of sound will limber you right up and have you relaxing so deeply into your seat that it’s going to be a hell of a job to get back up again. They could definitely start prescribing this for anxiety or stress as the trio do more for calming nerves than a nice cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit have ever managed. That’s what doctors give out, right? Regardless, this blissful sound is exactly what you’ll want after a stressful day to just lighten your load and take your mind off all the worries of the world.

Pure beauty, maybe this will even do wonders for your complexion, help stop you balding and/or make you more attractive to others. We can only hope.


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