Murmurs – Wrong Or Right

Yet another quality band coming out of Liverpool is it? Sounds right, la. This latest export from Merseyside are Murmurs who do a heap more right than they do wrong.

These newcomers have that certain sound that comes out of the city that has been captured by the likes of The La’s, The Coral and several other indie bands since that have shot right through. It’s all built on a positive energy and uplifting sounds, this time out inspired by those kind of ‘00s guitar bands that simply seemed to be everywhere. It’s pure top down and cruising around the city streets music this, smiling at the passers by as they give a look of absolutely bafflement as they see you in a convertible in the rain.

This is absolutely boss and I’ll be looking forward to sitting in the park nodding along to this one whenever we get just a crumb of summer back. Lovely stuff.


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