Five O Fives – If You Won’t Say It

Photo: Livy Dukes

Spit it out. We haven’t got all day. Alright then, if you won’t say it then I will. Five O Fives are sounding pretty ruddy good and the West Midlands quartet have a real knack for setting the fuse and watching the world burn.

Alice Bloor’s vocals bring life to it all, adding a touch of personality to a sound that’s otherwise mostly about really driving onwards and powering through. The quieter moments work perfectly in contrast to the seemingly endless builds, it’s like they’ve listened to music before and understand how it works when crafting a rocking banger. I mean, of course they have – who wouldn’t? What a stupid line. Still, they do plenty right with this track and it should help get the blood pumping.

Oh come on now, are you still not going to say anything? Honestly, I’ll have to start tickling you or something just to get a peep out of you. No, I don’t want that either but you’re leaving me with no choice.


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