Kevin Pearce – Dynamite (Nobel’s Prize Mix)

10365560_10153463811669233_4856953119496821498_oIt seems incredibly strange to me that it has been almost a year since I was lucky enough to bring you this beauty from Kevin Pearce yet he returns to WCT with just as strong an aural offering that once more has me sat with a smile firmly planted on my face and in my heart.

Pearce’s wonderfully endearing voice is a trait that makes his delivery feel so genuine and the affinity that you feel as he spins the yarns of ‘Dynamite‘ leave you feeling completely removed from reality and swept up in a glorious world in which sound is the only thing that matters. This particular track sees him once more delve into the emotional well and come out with his hands covered in warm, soothing feelings that are sure to entice you in if you’ve got even the slightest hint of human nature flowing within your bones. Each and every time Pearce’s voice hits your ears there’s a sense of the tension being released from your shoulders and your eyes being well and truly opened.

This video is ruddy ace as well, top quality stuff.

Ciaran Steward

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